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Whispering Sweet Somethings on North Union Street


Sweet Somethings Dessert Shoppe has it all…ornate cakes, delicious cupcakes and desserts galore!

Imagine decadent moist yellow cake, layers of peanut butter filling all held together with a layer of rich indulgent chocolate ganache. If you’re local to the Philadelphia area you’ll know that combination of flavors as a Tasty Kake….if you’re local to Delaware you’ll know it as a Peanut Butter Tasty Cake from Sweet Somethings Dessert Shoppe; and to be completely honest…Sweet Somethings’ version of the Tasty Cake blows the Philadelphia staple out of the water!

Sweet Somethings desserts are moist and decadent. Each one is lovingly perfected.

Sweet Somethings desserts are moist and decadent

The Peanut Butter Tasty Cake is just one of the mouth-watering delicacies Sweet Somethings Dessert Shoppe offers. Located in a little Nook on North Union Street in Wilmington, Delaware, Sweet Somethings churns out surgary goodness for a long list of local restaurants and somehow still manages to stock their dessert case with dozens of varieties of delectable cupcakes and specialty cakes. Lee Slaninko is the culinary genius behind Sweet Somethings. Not only does he work on the day-to-day operations and baking but he is able to carve out time with current and new clients, delivers cakes to restaurants and tries out new recipes! Somehow Lee and his talented employees can keep up with this dizzying pace of production and they do it with a smile and with great love of their work.

Sweet Somethings supports great events like The Real Charitable Housewives Mom Prom

Sweet Somethings supports great events like The Real Charitable Housewives Mom Prom

Sweet Somethings is truly a labor of love for Lee and I am grateful he took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the eYw blog.


How long have you been in the restaurant/food industry?  22 Years

What was your first job in the industry?  Bay Street Restaurant

Where did you cultivate your baking skills?  Culinary Institute of America

How many cakes/cupcakes/desserts does Sweet Something’s produce in a week?

15 Dozen Cupcakes / 60 Cakes / 15 Dozen Individual items

Q:  If you had to describe the Sweet Somethings’ philosophy in three words what would they be?

Best ingredients and talent in – Best product out.  (That’s the shortest I could make it.)

Q:  How was the idea for Sweet Somethings conceived?

Sweet Somethings started out of my home in Kennett Square in 1996 with the introduction to a new brewery restaurant concept that was opening in Newark Delaware;  Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant.

Q:  How did you grow your network of restaurants that stock your delicious desserts? 

We started doing desserts for Iron Hill shortly after they opened in November of 96’ and then quickly added Half Moon Saloon in Kennett Square.  We continued to add restaurants from that point on. 

Q:  What was your inspiration behind opening Sweet Somethings? 

As far as the inspiration, we knew we had a special product.  When we would travel around from bakery to bakery and saw very little that impressed us.  Mostly we were seeing very simple, dry cakes that lacked the explosion of flavor we were looking for.  We knew we could provide a product that not only looked good, but also tasted like what you thought it would taste like when you looked at it.  We always found that to be the most frustrating part of this industry.  Also, I don’t want to NEED a glass of milk to get my dessert down.  So having moist product was also essential to our success and still is one of the most important questions we ask ourselves when creating new desserts.

Q:  What is your favorite part of being a small business owner?  What do you find the most challenging? 

It’s my baby.  To watch it grow and evolve though all the challenges it has faced over the years, really excites me.

Challenges are a common place in any business.  If I had to pick one, I think it has to be the ability to deal with the vast diversity of personalities I find in the kitchens we do desserts for.  Chefs definitely have their own way of dealing with work each day.  It’s important for me to be able to read them as soon as I walk through the door.  If I can make their day just a bit easier or better, I am adding a small but valuable service and I know they appreciate it.

Q:  Think back to the inception of Sweet Somethings and your opening day.  What were you feeling? 

That was 18 years ago. I can’t remember what I was thinking last week!   I’m sure I was a little nervous, and excited.

Q:  It’s seems like people are really into cupcakes, fondant creations that wow! and gluten free desserts and organic/green desserts. What do you find to be the most “fashionable” dessert requests right now?

Cupcakes never cease to amaze me.  People trip over one another to get them, but when I stop to think about it, its like the perfect bite.  You get the satisfaction of eating a slice of cake, but it’s conveniently packed in a nice little wrapper, and cake will never go out of style.

Fondant, I’m not a fan at all. It may look good in pictures, but its like eating sweet Playdough. 

Q:  Tell me about the process involved in creating new recipes?

Recipe creations come in many different forms.  The most common is when one of us has an epiphany.  It just hits you in the head like a baseball with the inevitable “Why have we not already thought of that?”.  We also get a lot of inspiration from the chefs we deal with.  They love to have us create desserts specific to their restaurants, and that is really exciting for us.  Lastly, there is the browsing/ stealing ideas in trade magazines.  We almost always give those ideas our own twist though. 

Q:  Do you ever feel a recipe is “perfected” or are you always trying to improve it? 

We create a dessert and decide its done when we think it hits all the benchmarks.  However, we continually revisit old desserts to see if they are still what we thought they were when we created them.  

Q:   Who is your test audience?

My 9 year old daughter is a BIG fan of taste testing!

Q:  Describe the most memorable dessert you have ever tasted.

When I was in my early teens, my parents took me to an amazing 3 star NY times rated restaurant in North Jersey called the Ryland Inn.  I ordered the bread and butter pudding.  At that point I had never had anything even remotely close to that gastronomic Shangri-La.  It was also as simple as it was delicious.  Ultimately it was just a crème brulee with a slice of challah bread soaked and baked in the middle.  The custard was perfectly smooth and screamed of vanilla.  The bread lent a slight doughy texture but more importantly when it was bruleed, it lent the creamy dessert the touch of crunch it needed.  By the way, I ended up working for that restaurant for almost 2 years about a decade later.

Q:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I think I would like to start entering into new markets, maybe Philly. 

Q:  What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?  What have you learned along the way that you wish you had known before opening? 

When you are all done planning out the amount of money you think you need to run your business day to day, double that amount.  There are more hidden expenses then you could possibly account for.  The stress of not having enough money to give your idea the time it needs to catch on can be very hard to bear. 

Sweet Somethings is all about delicious creativity

Sweet Somethings is all about delicious creativity

Is your sweet tooth buzzing yet? If so….get yourself over to Sweet Somethings Dessert Shoppe!!

1006 North Union Street

Wilmington, DE 19805

(302) 655 – 7211 


Tooting my horn!

Every once in a while I like to toot my own horn…don’t we all?  I want to share a client testimonial from a wedding I provided day-of coordination for last summer.  The couple was Kendra and Jason (the same Kendra and Jason whose image graces both my web page and blog).  Kendra and Jason are ultra organized, mega creative and super fun!  I loved working with them on their wedding day and seeing their vision come to life.  Kendra was kind enough to write this beautiful testimonial for me and I really want to share it.


I was certain I didn’t need a wedding planner…we had every little detail of our wedding planned already! My fianc…oops! Husband! He’s my husband now! (yay!) my HUSBAND and I are both very creative do it yourself-ers and we both had a VERY clear picture of how we wanted to share our wedding day with our dearest friends and family.
When Lynda explained that she was not a wedding planner, but more-shall we say-an event management assistant of sorts, I began to understand how helpful it could be to have someone who has truly LISTENED to our plans for our event. Who can then manage the “DAY OF” details while we enjoy the day we worked so hard and planned so carefully to create. What Lynda brought to the table was experience and helpfulness. These tools allowed her to act intuitively to ensure that all the small details were seen to and things went smoothly. Effortlessly. Really!
About 2 weeks before the big day, Lynda met me at our home where we were planning to have our wedding and reception. She listened as I told her how we envisioned our wedding day. She asked great leading questions that helped me to better express with greater clarity, our wishes and choices in regard to all manner of little details that I might have over looked otherwise.
She remained in contact with me consistently and considerately over the two weeks leading up to our wedding offering her help with various matters and even used her own resources and contacts to get us a great deal on linens that she then delivered!!!
The day of our wedding, from the moment Lynda arrived (amidst my first AND ONLY pre-show melt down…the term bridezilla comes to mind) she didn’t miss a beat! Equipped with refreshing wet wipes she had brought in anticipation of the heat and a cheerful bouquet of red gerber daisies (that complimented my wedding theme and decor perfectly!) she jumped right in! In moments, my tears were dry…oh yes, there were tears, folks….and my plan started coming together. I watched from the air-conditioned comfort of my dining room window as she arranged my table decor just as I had shown her, she directed AND assisted our bar and wait staff with preparations….basically,​ all at once a million little questions about a million little details were being fielded by someone else and I was free to become COMPLETELY absorbed in my wedding day! Enjoying every moment with out interruption. No questions about ice or extension cords or any of the other small chaotic details that tend arise during events!
In addition to tending to all the details…she even made sure I stayed hydrated in the scorching heat, bringing me a bottle of water from time to time. She made sure that everything at our event went the way we intended!
I know I mentioned details a dozen times as I shared my experience of trusting an event coordinator with my wedding day. But that’s really what I believe it’s all about-details.
Details are what make the difference between a good event and a GREAT event but dealing with those details during an event is the difference between hosting an event and truly being a part of one!
Lynda made it possible for us to truly enjoy every precious moment of our special day…our way!”


Two Stones Pub – The beer Mecca of North Delaware

Two Stones Pub

Kneel Before the Pint

“He was a wise man who invented beer” ~ Plato

Two Stones Pub.  For the hop heads and beer geeks in Delaware that’s all you have to say to bring a wide-eyed smile to their face.  The genius behind Two Stones Pub is the work of  Mike Stiglitz (AKA “Stigz”) and Ben Muse (AKA “Gumbo”).  Two Stones Pub is the beer mecca of North Delaware.  Two Stones boasts 2 locations; Newark and North Wilmington. The Newark location has 22 taps and the Naaman’s Road location offers 32 taps of nectar of the gods.


Two Stones Pub doesn’t just have delicious beer. They are a culinary utopia of mouth- watering delights that will tantalize the tongue and make your taste buds sing!  Things like a foie gras burger, beer braised short rib, duck confit tacos, hot and spicy fry piles, pork belly and hog wings adorn the menu.  Taco Tuesday is one of the newest themes to sweep the North Wilmington location after it proved to be wildly popular at the Newark location.  Taco Tuesday features inventive taco creations playing off fun and adventuresome themes like Lord of the Rings and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Sixtels line the walls


Industrial chic

Upon entering Two Stones Naaman’s you are greeted with an eclectic space lined with metal, wrought iron and kegs.  The decor is industrial chic with a hint of Buddha thrown in for good measure.  Look around and you’ll see kegs and large industrial fans and stained glass creations built into the wrought iron bar partition.


Ben Muse is Stigz’ operating partner and the Beer Engineer of the Two Stones locomotive.  Ben hand-selects the beers that are brought into both Two Stones locations and is the resident Professor of Beer.  Ben prides himself on a thorough knowledge of craft beer and delicious food.  He is a genius with pairing the perfect beer with the perfect meal and I had the privilege of interviewing him.


Kneel before the pint

STATS: I’ve been working in restaurants since I was 18. I started out bussing at a chain Tex-Mex restaurant that will remain nameless. From there, I started serving – at the chain for a little bit and then at Kid Shelleen’s.

When I was 21, I moved back to Rehoboth Beach and got a job bartending at Dogfish Head. That led to me becoming the distiller’s assistant – helping to make liquors and (mostly) hand-labeling bottles and dipping the tops in lava-hot wax to seal them. After that, I started at Iron Hill on the Riverfront; and that’s when I met my Stigzy. Five and a half years later, I moved to Rehoboth again to help open The Pickled Pig. Fast forward two more years, the first of many (hopefully) Two Stones Pubs opened.

I completely owe Dogfish and Iron Hill for my love of beer and for the tremendous amount of knowledge I gained at both places. They have very different philosophies when it comes to beer, but they both have extremely passionate and talented brewers and beer drinkers in this region and we are lucky to have them.

Now for the questions…

1. If you could describe Two Stones Pub in ONE word, what would it be?

One word’s very tough. I guess it would be a word that I hope is on our guests’ minds as they leave. Maybe “delicious,” “awesome,” … I think “unique” might be great. I hope that we’re able to impress upon our guests that what we offer is not something that they can find just anywhere.

2. Bring yourself back to the very first opening night of Two Stones. What were you thinking/feeling?

Honestly? Probably exhausted from the weeks leading up to the open. It’s definitely a little nerve-wracking.  You can plan and plan and plan, but things are going to go wrong that first night. Servers who are weeded and looking to you for help are going to ask a question that you just did not anticipate. A brand-new piece of equipment is going to malfunction. I think after this long in the industry, we did a great job…it helps that we have a terrific family of co-workers. I do remember drinking A LOT when we were done that first night.

3. When selecting beers to bring in, what criteria do you use? Have you ever gone on a beer tasting excursion and tasted a beer you absolutely detested?

The choosing of our selection isn’t an exact science, but there are definitely some things I look at. Obviously, we’re an all-craft bar…that’s first. Then, it’s quality – it’s unfortunate to say, but just because you’re a small, craft brewery doesn’t always mean you put out an amazing product. I look at the season – summer calls for more refreshing styles while those higher-ABVs creep out in the colder months. I look at what’s new from the breweries we work with…our regulars definitely expect us to have those newer, hard-to-find options. And I look at the balance of the list in general…do I already have four IPAs on? Okay, I don’t need another right now. And, of course, I take into account what I feel like drinking (wink).

Absolutely I’ve had beers that I’ve detested. Sometimes it’s from the beer not being taken care of properly and other times it’s definitely because the beer is not a good beer. That’s something that’s an important distinction as well…just because someone doesn’t like a beer, doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Let’s say I absolutely could not stand IPAs (not true of course) and someone hands me an Evolution Lot #3…in this hypothetical, I’m not going to like this beer even though it’s a phenomenal IPA. Part of choosing beers is appreciating them even if you don’t like them…I have to be able to say “Well, it’s a great IPA, but that’s just not my thing.” Fortunately, there aren’t too many styles that really turn me off. And I’d rather not name any of the beers that I found truly terrible…someone still worked very hard on them.

4. Have you ever converted an “I’m not a beer drinker” into a beer lover?

Of course. That’s part of what we do. The overall perception of beer is changing daily, but you still meet people who used to drink Natty Ice in college and think that’s what beer is. Or you have people who have been programmed to think wine is superior in all cases.

Terrible way to think…that would be like me saying that beer is always superior. Not true all the time. But when you get someone with an open mind who is willing to honestly taste and then think about a beer, it’s very easy. Sours are a great example…people get that initial tartness upfront and think the beer has turned. After a few sips though, it opens up and can be very complex as well as refreshing. Or the red wine drinker who has a Flanders red ale for the first time…”Well, I didn’t know beer could taste like this.” Awesome thing to hear. Absolutely love it.

5. Tell the truth…if you go to a BBQ and the only alcohol is a watered down light beer in a can do you:

(a) Drink while imagining it were a BPA or DIPA

(b) Take one to carry around pretending to drink it

(c) Take the can to the head in hopes of numbing your taste buds enough to tolerate the swill

(d) Choose water

(e) Turn around and walk out

Luckily most of my friends and family are like-minded about their beer choices, so this doesn’t actually happen toO often. Also, I don’t like to show up to gatherings empty-handed…so I’d probably bring some great beer for everyone if I thought there was only going to be a icy bucket of Silver Bullets waiting for me. Nobody gets mad at the guy who brings more alcohol.

6. Describe your perfect meal (including alcohol pairings).

I love food, and I love really well-thought-out dishes and fancy ingredients and the whole thing…but, really, nothing tops the simple, classic everyday foods for me.

Pollo Asado tacos with sliced avocado and fresh hot sauce (Cholula if fresh isn’t available) and a six-pack of Evolution Lot #3 or a few cans of Heady Topper from The Alchemist.

Drunken Thai noodles (with a bottle of sriracha close by) with a bottle or two or three of Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

Bacon Cheddar Burger with a well-hopped porter – Iron Hill Pig Iron maybe.

Sushi and sashimi with a mess of Orval – one of my favorite beers of all-time and it is insane with sushi.

7. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Hopefully, we’ll have more stores open and possibly be branching out into other parts of the industry…a catering company, consultations, maybe a brewpub down the road.

8. What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs? Any success tips or things you’ve learned along the way?

Two things I think everyday…

* “The devil’s in the details.” Most days, it won’t be something huge that makes or breaks your day. You probably won’t have to deal with a kitchen that caught fire, a server probably will not drop 4 bowls of soup on a cute baby, chances of a meteor hitting the parking lot is very low. What will make or break your day is how much attention you pay to the details…think of yourself as customer: most restaurant experiences are pretty predictable. You show up, maybe wait a few minutes, get a table, order drinks and apps, order entrees, someone brings you the food and you pay (and TIP) when you’re done. We may only get an hour or so to really impress that guest and make them want to come back in. So, it’s the details…was the hostess that took my name pleasant, was the floor clean, was the server able to confidently and correctly answer any questions about the food, was there some thought put into the presentation of the food, I dropped my fork – how long did I have to wait until someone got me a new one. All of those little moments in guest’s experience are what add up. That’s where you go from “oh, that was a decent dinner” to “this is my new favorite spot.”

* This is something that Stigz says constantly and it’s true. “Consistency breeds success.” Very simple concept, but it’s extremely helpful to remind yourself of when you have decision to make.

9. Final Question…when your son is grown up and he says “Dad, I just don’t like beer”…what do you do?

I hope he grows up with a healthy attitude about alcohol in general. When he’s old enough, I’m sure I’ll take him to some breweries or father-son trips with a beer-adventure backdrop. It’s just like food…right now, he has to at least try everything a few times – and the stuff he loves, kale, blueberries, greek yogurt, yams, it’s awesome. So when he’s old enough, I’ll let him try some things and if he honestly just doesn’t like them, absolutely fine. He’s his own dude. If I catch him buying anything with the word “Lite” on it…well, that’s when it’s time to pack your stuff, son.


       Two Stones Pub

Newark                                                                           Wilmington

2 Chesmar Plaza                                                            2502 Foulk Road

Route 4 & Marrows Road                                               Valley View Shopping Plaza

302.294.1890                                                                 302.439-3231 


The Real Charitable Housewives of Delaware’s Fabulous 50’s Mom Prom



The Real Charitable Housewives of Delaware did it again!  They threw an amazing ladies night event with 100% of the proceeds going to The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation.  This year’s theme was the  Fabulous 50’s and when I say it was fabulous I mean….FABULOUS!  The 180 ladies in attendance came dressed to the nines complete with pearls, poodle skirts and crinoline and they were ready to party for B+!

The houswives prom committee did an outstanding job transforming the Holy Spirit Gymnasium in New Castle into the perfect space to stage a 50’s prom complete with Elvis and James Dean cutouts and gorgeous uplighting!  Special Thanks go out to George McClelland from Holy Spirit church who was a tremendous help in set up and break down and throughout the duration of the event!  

Thanks to DJ Kelly from Eleven Twelve Entertainment to keeping the ladies twisting the night away and Kim from KRP Photography for capturing every precious moment!  

This year’s bar offered three signature cocktails featuring the Smirnoff Sorbet Light flavors; Lemon, Raspberry Pomegranate and Mango Passion Fruit!  The cocktails were delicious, low cal and $3 each, which went directly to B+! The bar also featured wines by Girl Go Lightly and Once Upon a Vine and beer from Dogfish Head.  

One of the highlights of the evening were the soda jerks who passed around around cans of Pepsi with adorable striped straws.  It’s those little details that the Housewives pay attention to that takes the event from ordinary to extraordinary!     

The food buffet this year was incredibly delicious featuring Caesar salad,  smoked pork and BBQ beef sliders and finger foods like a cheese plate, bruschetta, pesto poppers and tomato pie from charitable local businesses like Two Stone’s Pub – Naaman’s, BellaVista Trattoria & Pizzeria, Brix Gallery and BBC Tavern and Grill and Cabot Creamery.

This year’s candy bar was over-the-top fabulous!  Not only did it look gorgeous but it was delicious offering candies like Mike & Ikes and Lemon Heads and fabulous swirl lollipops that matched the decor colors.  Another little adorable touch was a popcorn machine!

The dessert bar was a decadent feast of cupcakes and trifles from Sweet Somethings Dessert Shoppe and a gorgeous 3 tiered cake from PaddyKake Bakes.  

Once again the ladies had a plethora of raffle prizes available like handcrafted children’s clothing from Sweet Birdie Boutique and jewelry from ICB Designs to an autographed book from The Chew and many many others.   

The Real Charitable Housewives work hard on this event and every year is better than the year before.  I can’t wait to see what these charitable ladies have in store for next year’s Mom Prom!  











I am really excited to be running in the Color Me Rad 5K on 6/16.  I’m not really a “runner” but in my ideal world I would be! 

A quick back story:

I suffered a knee injury on my left leg many years ago  when I was in high school and subsequently had 3 operations to repair the damage.  I was off and on crutches for many years.  Unfortunately, due to the extent of the damage, I lost 20% of movement in my knee. Despite 2 years of intensive physical therapy, I was unable to regain the lost movement.  A few years later I was in a horrible car accident and suffered numerous injuries including a severe compound fracture of my left ankle, which required 2 operations to repair.  Once again, I was on crutches for a year.  

Needless to say, my left leg has seen it’s share of injury.  Last summer I decided to be a “runner” and injured my ankle and was out of running commission for the entire summer.  THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS YEAR.  

I don’t have any long distance running goals.  Quite frankly, after years and years of injury and pain, the idea of potentially re-injuring myself just to meet a distance goal isn’t worth it.  It’s more important to me to be able to run and play with my kids than to say I’ve run a marathon!     

The Color Me Rad 5K benefits The Special Olympics.  In honor of these athletes that have overcome obstacles to be part of an elite group of athletes I decided to create a fundraising campaign.  My goal is small…only $250 but that’s enough to help send one athlete to the Special Olympics.  The Special Olympics is an amazing organization and I am thrilled to support them.  The athletes that compete are an inspiration and a reminder that if you set your mind to it you can do it!  

Please consider donating to my campaign to help a fantastic group of people!!!  Any and all donations are sincerely appreciated!    

You can view my fundraising campaign here!  

Thank you for your support!  Thank goodness spring is almost here so I can start training!  


The Fabulous 50’s Mom Prom



I am honored to once again be working The Real Charitable Housewives of Delaware on the Fabulous 50’s Mom Prom benefiting The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation!  Last year we raised over $7,000 for B+ and we hope to raise even more this year.  

We are really excited to be working with a 50’s theme this year because it’s fun, versatile and carries with it an air of decadence and grace; think Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn.

This year we opted for the Holy Spirit Church Gymnasium in New Castle, Delaware as our venue.  We’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive response to the prom that we want to make sure we have ample space to house everyone comfortably!  With that said, a gymnasium is a blank canvas for which we have complete creative reign.  Cue the maniacal laughter as I plan to go all out and let my creativity run wild! 

We have been fortunate to have many extremely generous businesses donate their time, services and items for our raffle baskets including free room painting and teeth whitening (both of these items I plan to go into the poor house buying raffle tickets to win!) among many other amazing baskets!  Were it not for the generous local business community we would not be able to have such a successful event.          

When our lovely prom goes enter the doors and travel back in time they will be greeted with gorgeous accents from the 50’s, a delicious signature cocktail, delectable finger foods from some of our favorite local restaurants, cake designed by Paddykake Bakes and other fun touches like a beauty bar and great music provided by DJ Kelly Lynn of Eleven Twelve Entertainment.  

I have had the privilege of getting to know this fantastic group of ladies over the past year and a half and have attended a number of volunteer events with them.  Each event is distinctive.  The RCH have run clothing drives, packed food at the Food Bank, entertained children at AI Dupont Hospital for Children and cleaned up the beach!  These ladies are committed to bettering the community, one event at a time.  

My friend and founder of The Real Charitable Housewives, Jill Fella, is the driving force behind the group; tirelessly plugging away at booking monthly events, updating the website, gathering volunteers and promoting the efforts!  Between Jill and the other dedicated housewives on the RCH committee, they have raised thousands of dollars and helped dozens of non-profits all in the name of charity!    


Jamaica mon!!!

I LOVE Montego Bay!!!  I recently stayed at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites.  There were a number of events happening during our brief 4 day trip and each was well executed. 

Here is quick page pic of our gorgeous view from our room. 


Expect another post soon!!!