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Tooting my horn!

Every once in a while I like to toot my own horn…don’t we all?  I want to share a client testimonial from a wedding I provided day-of coordination for last summer.  The couple was Kendra and Jason (the same Kendra and Jason whose image graces both my web page and blog).  Kendra and Jason are ultra organized, mega creative and super fun!  I loved working with them on their wedding day and seeing their vision come to life.  Kendra was kind enough to write this beautiful testimonial for me and I really want to share it.


I was certain I didn’t need a wedding planner…we had every little detail of our wedding planned already! My fianc…oops! Husband! He’s my husband now! (yay!) my HUSBAND and I are both very creative do it yourself-ers and we both had a VERY clear picture of how we wanted to share our wedding day with our dearest friends and family.
When Lynda explained that she was not a wedding planner, but more-shall we say-an event management assistant of sorts, I began to understand how helpful it could be to have someone who has truly LISTENED to our plans for our event. Who can then manage the “DAY OF” details while we enjoy the day we worked so hard and planned so carefully to create. What Lynda brought to the table was experience and helpfulness. These tools allowed her to act intuitively to ensure that all the small details were seen to and things went smoothly. Effortlessly. Really!
About 2 weeks before the big day, Lynda met me at our home where we were planning to have our wedding and reception. She listened as I told her how we envisioned our wedding day. She asked great leading questions that helped me to better express with greater clarity, our wishes and choices in regard to all manner of little details that I might have over looked otherwise.
She remained in contact with me consistently and considerately over the two weeks leading up to our wedding offering her help with various matters and even used her own resources and contacts to get us a great deal on linens that she then delivered!!!
The day of our wedding, from the moment Lynda arrived (amidst my first AND ONLY pre-show melt down…the term bridezilla comes to mind) she didn’t miss a beat! Equipped with refreshing wet wipes she had brought in anticipation of the heat and a cheerful bouquet of red gerber daisies (that complimented my wedding theme and decor perfectly!) she jumped right in! In moments, my tears were dry…oh yes, there were tears, folks….and my plan started coming together. I watched from the air-conditioned comfort of my dining room window as she arranged my table decor just as I had shown her, she directed AND assisted our bar and wait staff with preparations….basically,​ all at once a million little questions about a million little details were being fielded by someone else and I was free to become COMPLETELY absorbed in my wedding day! Enjoying every moment with out interruption. No questions about ice or extension cords or any of the other small chaotic details that tend arise during events!
In addition to tending to all the details…she even made sure I stayed hydrated in the scorching heat, bringing me a bottle of water from time to time. She made sure that everything at our event went the way we intended!
I know I mentioned details a dozen times as I shared my experience of trusting an event coordinator with my wedding day. But that’s really what I believe it’s all about-details.
Details are what make the difference between a good event and a GREAT event but dealing with those details during an event is the difference between hosting an event and truly being a part of one!
Lynda made it possible for us to truly enjoy every precious moment of our special day…our way!”